Local authority regulators are continually stretched. We offer help from practitioners with specialist experience and up-to-date knowledge. We are able to provide assistance to regulatory services, particularly environmental health departments including:

  • Outsourced projects & inspection services
  • Expert advice & third party opinion
  • Enforcement notice or case critique/appraisal
  • Alternative strategies and 1st response tools
  • Training

Please contact us with some basic information (e.g. number and category of interventions and timescale) and we will be happy to provide a quote.

Our Professionals

Interventions and consultancy are carried out by qualified and EHORB registered inspectors with previous enforcement experience. If you let us know what services you require we can provide you with details of officer experience and qualifications.



Professional Development

We provide low-cost training courses, workshops and seminars for environmental health practitioners on a range of different subjects. Course durations are flexible and can be delivered over one or half day sessions. Prices are dependent on the number of participants but we are happy to entertain smaller groups. A typical one day course for 10 participants can be delivered for around £900. Compared to other providers this makes our courses excellent value.

Please contact us with your training need and we'll see if we are able to help you.

New Courses

NAME: Local Authority Cuts - Exploring New Ways of Working
DURATION: One half day (3 hours CPD)
SUITABLE FOR: EHOs, Regulatory Service managers
MORE INFO: find out more here

Update and Refresher Courses

A number of local authority departments have undergone (or are due to undego) personnel and structural changes. As a result we are focusing on our range of 1 day update and refresher courses. They include:

  • Noise enforcement (for noise control and responsible authority roles)
  • Food enforcement and interventions
  • Health and safety enforcement
  • Statutory nuisance

The above courses are designed for new or returning officers but all contain update and refresher information so act as a good starting point for maintaining quality and managing professional competence within a department. Please contact us with your training need and proposed date.


We are able to deliver short courses and officer training via CD-ROM, DVD, the WEB or via your own IT network. We have a number of CPD resources in development but please contact us for more information or if you have any particular need.



Data is intelligence. Being aware of how well you are performing, having the tools to identify and target problems, and being able to justify your priorities are all important.

We recently developed two tools, Benchmark and Agility, that are used to enhance the way that environmental health services operate. We also offer a third service, Feedback, which can be used to canvass local opinion and consumer attitudes.

Encentre | Benchmark

Benchmark is, as the name would suggest, a way of local authorities being aware of the state of compliance by comparing their performance to others. It is available to all local authority food enforcement managers. The best thing about Benchmark is that you don't have to do a thing; just sit back and the data will be forwarded to your in-box once a month.

Read more about Benchmark.
Contact us for enquiries, demonstrations or orders.

Encentre | Agility

Agility is a mobile working tool that allows forms to be completed on-site or in the office. It allows data to be captured, presented and interigated more effectively and, in the case of food hygiene, reduces paperwork, admin and overall costs substantially. It will also run on your own system so that data is not uploaded or shared with any third parties. It comes without any connectivity issues and can integrate with your back-office.

Read more about Agility (White Paper - PDF).
Contact us for enquiries, demonstrations or orders.

Encentre | Feedback

Every year the FSA conduct a consumer attitudes survey which is used to steer national policy. However, priorities vary considerably according to locality. So, in order for you to be able to consider the needs of your local businesses and residents you need to canvass their opinion. We can do that for you and identify what subject areas are more of less important to them.

See how it fits into our trio of intelligence services.
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