In 2017 we thought that the Food Standards Agency would change the way local authorities regulate; with more reliance on data and intelligence. That is why we developed our Benchmark service; to provide local authorities with some of the key information needed to ensure that their Service is effective. Here's what it offered:

  • Save time and prioritise resources
  • Target high risk businesses
  • View up-to-date local authority rankings
  • Receive monthly reports
  • Plan according to outputs and not just LAEMS outputs
  • Prove how good you are or justify poor standards
  • Stand up to scrutiny

A quick overview of how it worked (this is an old video):



After extensive analysis, rankings were updated every month and available online. See how localities progress month-by-month across the year:


Local authorities could get access to national rankings plus full Benchmark reports every month in their chosen local authority area(s). Benchmark reports provided detailed analysis of area performance outlining how that locality fairs against those with similar profiles. The complexity of the data helped in service planning and allowed consistency to be monitored. Here's an example of a basic Benchmark report:

Benchmark is no longer available commercially in the same format. However, we have recently offered bespoke services similar to Benchmark to local authorities free of charge; and are particularly interested in helping regional food groups.

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