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Help for Neighbour Noise have launched a new service for sufferers of noise nuisance. They are now able to access a library of information on noise issues and self-help articles online in order to help them with their neighbour noise or nuisance issue. The resource includes podcasts, video, downloads and a comprehensive pool of Q&As. They aim at helping a small portion of the 500,000 noise complainants each year who go to their local authorities for help.

Local authorities are being placed under increasing pressure to meet demands with significantly reduced resources. may therefore offer a timely compliment to an already over-stretched public service.

The team have recently issued a manual for anyone suffering from noise nuisance or noisy neighbours. It is a very comprehensive and helpful reference for anyone finding themselves in such a situation and we certainly recommend it. are also involved in noise research. Last year they carried out an extensive survey of noise complaints received in the UK; and found out where the noisiest places in Britain are to live. The research also provided an insight into the level of noise enforcement in Britain and how well residents suffering from noise are supported by local authorities.

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